NAIFA Johnson-Wyandotte  

PO Box 860531
Shawnee, KS 66286-0531
(913) 422-5514
Lori Maher, Executive Director

Strategic Principle guiding our Association's activities-
"Building strong connections that make a difference
for the members"

Code of Ethics


Those engaged in offering insurance and other related financial
services occupy the unique position of liaison between the purchasers and the suppliers of insurance and closely related financial products. Inherent in this role is the combination of professional duty to the client and to the company, as well. Ethical balance is required to avoid any conflict between these two obligations. Therefore,

I Believe It To Be My Responsibility:

  • To hold my profession in high esteem and strive to enhance its prestige.
  • To fulfill the needs of my clients to the best of my ability.
  • To maintain my clients' confidences.
  • To render exemplary service to my clients and their beneficiaries.
  • To adhere to professional standards of conduct in helping my clients to protect insurable obligations and attain their financial security objectives.
  • To present accurately and honestly all facts essential to my clients' decisions.
  • To perfect my skills and increase my knowledge through continuing education.
  • To conduct my business in such a way that my example might help raise the professional standards of those in my profession.
  • To keep informed with respect to applicable laws and regulations and to observe them in the practice of my
  • To cooperate with others whose services are constructively related to meeting the needs of my clients.


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